Saturday, March 14, 2009

Take It To The Streets For President Obama March 21st!


Organizing For America has launched the National Pledge Project Canvass which is happening Saturday, March 21st.  We are asking all Obama supporters to:
1)      Take the Pledge, sign up here
2)      Take the Pledge to the Streets. Read how here.
What is the Pledge?

We are Pledging our Support for President Obama's bold agenda on Healthcare, Education and Energy. 

Why are we are asking you to join us in Taking the Pledge to the Streets on March 21st? 

Change has to come from us. The partisan politics being
played out in Washington needs to stop and one of the best ways to make
this happen is to make a strong, national, grassroots show of support
for our president. We have to show that ordinary Americans are opening their doors to each other, discussing the need for action and demanding this new direction.

For everyone who questions why the President has offered this plan, these pledges will be the answer: because the American people demanded it.

 How do I organize a Pledge drive?

This project is very similar to a voter registration drive, but you'll be asking members of your community to sign pledge forms instead.  Set goals for yourselves -- maybe 100 pledges per person.  With just 1,000 people, that's 100,000 pledges of support!
Please plan your canvass events today and post them on the Organizing For America website.

You can download host instructions, the pledge form, tally sheets, policy agendas and volunteer sign-ins at -- Pledge Project Canvass. 

Then please send an email with your event details and OFA link to

Want to volunteer, but don't have time to host? No problem! Find local canvasses by entering your zip code at this link.



Locations you pick should be located in high traffic areas or in neighborhoods where you can easily go door to door. Supermarkets, beach boardwalks, and walkable shopping districts are all great locations.

What you'll need:
Clipboards for your team
Some copies of the policy points
A bunch of copies of the pledge form (1 form per signature)
And an Obama Volunteer smile!  
What you'll do:
Go out and get folks to sign the pledge.

Your host packets will also include instructions on how to enter the data collected on that day. This is very important!
That's it.
Now let's go change the world!

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