Monday, May 4, 2009

Because Nothing Protects Marriage Like Half-Naked, Surgically Enhanced Jail Bait

Dear Marriage "Defenders",

Look, I know it's a bit of shock to find out that most of your supporters are likely to be dead  by the time Barack Obama finishes up his second term in 2016, and sure, it's got to be tough when the guy who ran your last presidential campaign thinks it's time maybe you rethought this whole opposition to gay marriage thing. 

But can we just agree on something here? Next time you need a fresh-faced new spokesmodel to defend the indefensible, can you at least attempt to find someone who's hypocrisy can't be uncovered by a five-minute google search?   Or whose under-age child gives birth out of wedlock?   Or how about some tax-dodging  idiot "everyday Joe" who's name isn't Joe, doesn't have a valid license to practice his "profession", and who's idea of civil discourse on marriage equality is to say he wouldn't have "the queers" near his children?

Because really guys, this is embarrassing.

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