Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Want to be on TV?


Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking to the television airwaves today with a 60-second litany of all the budget-balancing plans he won't sign, claiming he will "stand firm" for a balanced budget without tax hikes, and asks Californians to stand firm with him.

Folks, it's time we "terminate" this propaganda. We here at "Venice For Change" will be shooting our own spot this weekend, putting a human face on the budget crisis in Sacramento. The concept is very simple - we will be videotaping empty parks, beaches, lifeguard towers, schools, courts, playgrounds, pools, government buildings, etc. with a person standing in front of each location with a hand-lettered signed that says "Closed".

The tag line: "Brought to you by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Republican Party"

If you're in the Los Angeles area and are available on Sunday (and possibly Saturday), email us at veniceforchange@gmail.com

We are especially looking for families, school kids, and folks of color, but everyone is welcome!

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