Friday, October 23, 2009

New Move-On Poll: Should We Refuse To Support Dem Senators Who Block Health Care Reform?

As I reported earlier this morning, major progressive groups are beginning to pressure Obama to take a stronger stand on the public option. just upped the stakes again - they're polling their 3.2 million members on wether or not to withdraw future support from any Democratic Senator who sides with Republicans to block health care reform in the Senate.

Here's the ballot language:

A few conservative Democrats have publicly hinted they might help Republicans block an up-or-down vote on health care reform if it includes a public health insurance option. We could pressure them to do the right thing by publicly announcing that we'll never support anyone who stands with Republicans at this crucial moment, but whether we do is up to MoveOn members.

Should MoveOn refuse to support the re-election of any senator who helps block an up-or-down vote on a health care reform bill with a public option?
In February, 2008, MoveOn polled their membership on wether to support Obama over Clinton in the Democratic primary. Members overwhelmingly voted to endorse Obama and MoveOn threw all it's resources behind his election.

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