Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Goes Out Like A Schmuck

Usually, New Years Eve is a time of lists and resolutions - of what was and what could be.

This blog won't be doing any of that nonsense....... :-)

As I write this, it's 39 degrees and mostly cloudy here in our Nation's Capital. The forecast calls for intermittent snow showers and "ice pellets". Ice pellets? What, no rain of toads? For a decade that started with Y2K and ended with "death panels", it would seem appropriate.

For the three of you out there who still frequent this site, you may have noticed my output has been spotty this month. Between work, a creeping flu that turned into a stubborn sinus infection, work, and a side project I was organizing against the Stupak amendment, life spiraled out of balance - this blog was one of only many casualties.

I don't know what 2010 will bring. My hope is that it will be better than 2009, or at least more entertaining. And with that in mind, let me leave you with this.

Flash — Washington, DC: The Federal Death Panel is currently meeting in emergency session to consider the case of Rush Limbaugh. Death Panel insiders tell the AP that in light of the number of right wing radio talkshow hosts currently on the air, Limbaugh has “little societal value” and the Panel is likely to vote against any further spending on his care.

“It’d be like spending $1 million on some injuried Mexican day-laborer, who are literally a dime a dozen,” said one Death Panel member, who added, “Yes, he’s popular with a few million listeners, but they’ll quickly switch to Beck, Hannity, Mikey Reagan, or some other talker. Talk radio is ’short attention span theater’ anyway, so we figure after 6 weeks off the air, it’ll be ‘Rush who?’ for most listeners.”

A Death Panel staffer also told AP that, while Limbaugh’s care likely will be limited to ice chips and Bayer, the young Dominican boy who was surgically removed from Limbaugh’s private parts will be given full coverage, including extensive pyschological help.

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