Friday, August 6, 2010

ACTION ALERT! NV Teabagger Candidate Sharron Angle in San Diego Tomorrow!

I smell a protest coming on, don't you?

Teabagger candidate Sharron Angle, who's running against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the "let them eat cake" platform, will be the featured speaker for a San Diego fundraiser tomorrow.

The "National Doctors Tea Party" (Who knew?) is hosting the event.

As GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle attempts to parry charges from Harry Reid's campaign that she is "just too extreme," she is the headliner at an event Saturday promoted by a physician's group that is far out of the mainstream. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which is a major promoter of the Doctors Tea Party in San Diego on Saturday, has given voice to some bizarre theories, believes the advent of Medicare in 1965 was "evil" and "immoral" and once published a piece arguing HIV may not cause AIDS. There's more, too, with the group promoting one of Angle's previously expressed theories that abortion may cause breast cancer and it also once argued the FDA is unconstitutional.

Just too extreme? You be the judge:

The group has a piece arguing Barack Obama may have used "covert hypnosis" to sway crowds and below that is a link to a Q and A with a prominent birther: POTUSthehypnotist

And its journal once argued "there are real grounds for positively denying that HIV causes AIDS."

So kids, if you're interested letting Angle know that you think what happens in Vegas should go the hell back there - or if you just want to learn how you can opt out of Medicare (and who doesn't) - here's the 411 on the rally.

Saturday, August 7th. Noon-3pm
Harbor Island-Spanish Landing East Park
3900 North Harbor Dr.
San Diego CA 92101
Parking & Other Important Information-CLICK HERE

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