Saturday, July 9, 2011

CA-36 Election: Janice Hahn Up 9 Points In Early Voting

With only four days to go in one of the most negative and contentious elections we've ever had here in CA-36, I'm happy to report there's light at the end of this tunnel - and it's not an oncoming freight train.

Early voting numbers are looking very bad for Craig Huey. According to John Shallman, a campaign consultant working with Janice Hahn's campaign, Hahn is up by nine points in early voting once Decline To State votes are factored in.

If accurate, this news is very good indeed since it would be very difficult for Huey to overcome that margin on election day, especially in this district, where Democrats hold an 18-point registration advantage.

Worse for Huey, he's receiving no institutional support from the Republican Party. According to, he's received only one $5,000 check from the NRCC.

"I was anticipating a lot of support from the RNC and NRCC, that they'd wake up, but frankly we haven't seen that," said Jimmy Camp, a Huey adviser. "Frankly, that's disappointing."

Of course, all of this is meaningless if you don't go out to vote. If you have an absentee ballot and haven't returned it, get it in the mail today, or else bring it with you to your polling place on Tuesday.

Don't know where your polling place is? Go to to find your polling place.

See you at the polls!

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