Sunday, July 15, 2012

PHOTOS: The Great Venice Beach Hummingbird Safari

A baby hummingbird defies the odds when it falls out of the nest and lands in blogger Dave Dayen's  backyard. Momma bird keeps coming around to feed it and every day it gets a little stronger. It's even trying to fly!

A Venice Walkstreets neighbor, Dave Dayen, invited me to come over to take a few pictures.

If you find a baby hummingbird out of the nest in your own yard, here's some good advice on what you should do.

Some people will see a hummingbird in a nest by him/her self and think that the babies have been abandoned. This is usually not the case. Mom may be sitting in a tree or bush nearby waiting for the place to be "clear" before going to the nest. However, if you think that the nest has truly been abandoned, sit down and watch the nest continuously for a solid hour. Moms usually come to feed the chicks about four to six (4-6) times per hour. She is so fast (about four (4) seconds) if you blink wrong, you might miss her. Baby hummingbirds will usually stay very quite so as not to alert predators to their location. If you hear a baby hummingbird chirp for more than ten (10) full minutes, they are usually starving and need help immediately.

I'm sorry to say the little guy didn't make it after all, despite the valiant efforts of my neighbors to keep him safe. Nature is a wonderful and amazing thing, but I'm afraid it can also be quite cruel. So it goes.

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