Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Strangest Email I've Received From A Candidate......Ever

So, a little background first.

If you read this blog - or pay attention to LA City politics at all - you know that Bill Rosendahl's decision not to run for reelection for the CD11 Council seat has created an election "vacuum" of sorts, with several candidates - most prominently Rosendahl's Chief of Staff, Mike Bonin - rushing to file before the November 10th deadline.

This is my home district. And as a political blogger, this creates an odd situation for me. See, I personally know two of the candidates, Bonin and Venice resident Marc Ryavec.

Now I like Mr. Ryavec just fine, having worked with him over the years on several issues affecting our neighborhoods, but I'm supporting Mike Bonin for the seat.

I'll post more on why I'm supporting Bonin at a later date, but for now I wanted to share something else.

After I expressed concern on a local Venice email listserve about keeping the CD11 campaign a positive one, I received a response from Mark Ryavec in the form of a press release and photos touting the endorsements of actors Ed Begley, Jr. and James Garner.

No big deal, except......well........the note he sent with the press release is the weirdest email I've ever received from any candidate running for any elected office......ever.

Without further comment, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mark Ryavec, candidate for CD11.

photo of Jim Garner that Mark Ryavec sent
Hi Marta,

I couldn't resist.  Is this positive enough for you?

I'll take Ed Begley and James Garner over Mark Gold
[Heal the Bay] any day. They're even better than Herb Wesson and Karen Bass.  Compare their "Qs".  You're in the industry and you know that most of Mike's endorsers don't rate - compared to a legendary Hollywood star like James Garner, who is especially popular with older voters, and an environmental hero like Ed Begley.

Ed and Jim will look great on the mail.  Maybe Ed will do robo calls.

I'm having so much fun with this, meeting so many people, learning so much, Mike could raise a million dollars and I wouldn't drop out.  I have the strong incentive to stay in the race to represent those residents to whom Mike (and Bill) have perennially turned their backs.  For example, he knows what we want done on the Boardwalk and on 3rd Avenue, but he won't do it.  Residents can't sleep at night, the bike thefts, car break-ins and the vandalism just go on and on, and Mike takes the side of the crustie punks. (BTW, there's a website by that name and that's who makes up the bulk of the campers on the Boardwalk and on 3rd Avenue these days.)

You're doing a credible job of spinning for Mike; I'm sorry you're not on my side.



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