Monday, March 25, 2013

ACTION ALERT! Tell Henry Waxman To Just Say "No" To Endless Carmageddon

Folks, I have to say there's nothing that will spoil your weekend faster than finding out your new Congressman just threw you and about a million of your closest friends under the wheels of an oncoming jumbo jet.

But that's exactly what Henry Waxman did when he decided to side with the LA Chamber of Commerce and against his own constituents to expand Los Angeles International Airport in a way that guarantees region-wide non-stop traffic gridlock for the foreseeable future.

As I reported yesterday, Waxman has been secretly circulating a Chamber letter to his fellow Congress Critters that supports moving one of LAX's runways several hundred feet right smack dab into the path of Lincoln Blvd. 

If that happens, it's game over for traffic in Los Angeles. Experts say parts of Lincoln and Sepulveda Blvds would have to close for at least 2 years - perhaps even permanently - to accommodate the move. With the only viable north/south alternative to the 405 freeway shut down indefinitely, thousands of cars would be forced onto other surface streets and nearby freeways during construction, creating constant gridlock as traffic backed up onto the 405, 105 and 10 freeways.

If you think you pay too much for gas now, you're going love paying even more as you idle uselessly in gridlock, stuck in Endless Carmageddon.

If you need to get in your car to go anyplace for any reason in the LA Basin you're going to feel it. Need to get to a job in the South Bay? You're going to feel it. Need to get to the grocery store in Marina del Rey? You're going to feel it. Want to see your friends in Inglewood? You're going to feel it.  Trying to get home to the Valley after working in West LA? You're going to feel it too.

Waxman told the LA Times he didn't feel "obligated" to tell fellow Congress Critters who opposed the Chamber's position on LAX that he supported tying up our traffic for years to come. Well I guess that arrogance extends to us, his constituents. Because if this hadn't made the papers, we'd still be in the dark.

Pick up the phone and tell Henry Waxman to just say "no" to Endless Carmageddon. Tell him you support LAX modernization without moving the runway and choking us with permanent gridlock.

Los Angeles Office: (310) 652-3095  or (323) 651-1040
Manhattan Beach Office: (310) 321-7664

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