Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CA Budget Crisis - "It's About Common Sense"

Members of the Service Employees International Union in California are out with the first high-profile ad campaign targeting the budget mess in Sacramento - and they're aiming right for Arnold and the Norquist "No Taxes Ever" Republican Cabal.

SACRAMENTO, CA - As Legislators review Governor Schwarzenegger's proposal to close a $24 billion state budget deficit with massive cuts to schools, health care for children, home care for seniors and people with disabilities, and other human services, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) launched a statewide television ad today calling for a common sense, balanced approach to solving the state budget crisis. 

The ads draw on recent surveys that show voters - both Democrats AND Republicans - oppose deep cuts to vital services and favor an approach that balances cuts with new taxes. They particularly favor eliminating excessive tax breaks for corporations, which are set to receive multi-billion windfalls from new tax loopholes that were written into the 2008-09 budget agreement. 

"It is unconscionable to allow corporate special interests to avoid their fair share of taxes at the same time we take health care from kids, throw seniors and people with disabilities out their homes, deprive our students of an education, and undermine the quality of life of California's working families," said Eliseo Medina, SEIU executive vice president. "We need a fair and balanced approach that mixes cuts and tax increases."

The seven-figure ad buy on broadcast and cable television covers Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Sacramento, and Fresno.
They're also ramping up a campaign to pressure lawmakers through direct action. Go to this link to learn how to contact your representatives in Sacramento.

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