Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whole Foods Boycott - New Developments

Some new developments today in the Whole Foods boycott. The purpose, to reiterate, is a show of support for real health care reform and to oppose the Whole Foods CEO who wrote an editorial favoring pretty much the opposite of what we'd like to see in health care policy.

Here are the newest developments: A demonstration at Whole Foods headquarters in Austin today. A couple dozen sign-carrying demostrators came out to agitate for the cause, bringing the boycott right to corporate headquaters. Some local media coverage will likely result.

The other new development concerns the boycott Facebook page which is nearing 10,000 members. It needs just over 500 more members to hit that milestone. Here is a link to it, please help spead the word and get it over the mark. Tomorrow could be a pivotal day. It may be the day Wall Street traders really notice the story. Two publications, the Motley Fool and The Business Insider, ran stories late Friday and this weekend respectively. They took a mostly pro-business stance, not surprisingly, but it served to bring the controversy to investors attention. Fox News was the latest national media outlet to run a story.

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