Monday, April 11, 2011

CA-36 Act Blue Fundraising Stats - Bowen Leads Hahn, Winograd Improving, But Still A Distant Third

Today's post is a follow up of a fundraising analysis I did last month of the three leading Democratic candidates.

On March 18th,  Janice Hahn lead Debra Bowen, and Marcy Winograd had barely raised any money at all.

Today, just three weeks later,  the picture on Act Blue looks a lot different. 

In monetary terms, Marcy Winograd showed the greatest improvement by far, a whopping 2,159%. She also added 250 donors to her fundraising base. Her per average donation also shot up, from $38.82 to $105.02.

But it was Bowen who took the lead both in terms of overall donations and number of donors. Her online fundraising more than doubled, and she added 998 new donors. Her per average donation however, went down, from $85.98 to $62.34

Hahn, on the other hand, only added 85 new donors, and in terms of fundraising, she showed the least overall improvement, only 28%. Her per average donation stayed relatively stable from $238.97 to $216.28

It's important to note that Act Blue accounts for only a portion of a candidate's fundraising efforts (I've heard estimates of anywhere from 10% to 30%), but as an indicator of fundraising progress it's probably pretty representative of where the candidates are in relation to one another. 

The LA Weekly characterized the race between Bowen and Hahn as "Green vs. Blue", with Hahn's base being blue collar labor and Bowen's being more affluent coastal Democrats. 

I think the fundraising totals we see on Act Blue tell a somewhat different story, however. Hahn's donors have by far the deepest pockets, donating nearly 4 times as much per person as Bowen's donors. Even Winograd's supporters have deeper pockets.

So, at least when it comes to fundraising, it's Hahn, not Bowen, who has the more affluent constituency

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