Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CA-36 Election Results: It Ain't Over Yet

UPDATE 6:14pm 5/18

The LA County Registrar Recorder has revised their outstanding ballot totals to 10,443 -  8,900 late absentee votes, 1,182 provisional ballots, and 361 "damaged" ballots. They will begin reporting updated tallies as of 1pm tomorrow.


Chances are you heard some unexpected news when you woke up this morning, that Tea Party Republican candidate Craig Huey edged Secretary of State Debra Bowen by 207 votes, forcing a July 12th runoff with LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn.

The vote totals were as follows:

Janice Hahn: 24.66% - 13,137 votes
Craig Huey: 21.87% - 11,648 votes
Debra Bowen: 21.48% - 11,442 votes
Marcy Winograd: 9.51% - 5,066 votes

However, the race is far from over.

9,811 late absentee and provisional ballots are still left yet to count. Because Debra trended well in the early absentee returns, and because absentee ballots and provisional votes are usually overwhelmingly Democratic, I'm very hopeful Debra will follow in the footsteps of Kamala Harris, and Debra, not Craig Huey, will end up being the one to advance to a runoff with Hahn.

But Debra needs your help, and she needs it now.

The LA County Registrars office is counting those ballots even as we speak and have said they believe they will complete the count by Friday.

Debra needs election observers today and for the rest of the week to monitor the count. It's my understanding that Huey is already sending his own people down there, so we need all hands on deck.

Please contact Lenny Young, Debra Bowen's field director to help:
phone: 310.212.6792

The campaign has also set up a special defense fund to help pay for the cost of inevitable Tea Party legal challenges. Dig deep folks, donate at this link.

I'll have a lot more in-depth analysis on why this happened later, but for now, I just want to focus on the vote totals. The LA Registrars Office promises an update later today, which I'll make available once they've posted it.

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