Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Official, Craig Huey To Face Janice Hahn in the CA-36 Run Off

The LA County Recorder just issued official results for the CA-36 race. After counting 10,327 late and  provisional ballots, Tea Party candidate Craig Huey advanced his lead over Debra Bowen to over 700 votes.

Craig Huey will advance to the July 12th run off election against Janice Hahn.

UPDATE: Statement from Debra Bowen.

“I’m very humbled by each and every vote that was cast for me in this election, and by the grassroots support I received.

“I’m truly inspired by the 1,100 volunteers and 80 interns – some of whom never worked on a political campaign before and worked tirelessly to make hundreds of thousands of phone calls and knock on thousands of doors. The democratic process is stronger because of their involvement, and I'm certain they will continue to make a difference.

“Since Tuesday’s election, my staff, legal advisors and election experts participated in the ballot review process to ensure a full and fair vote count was conducted. It is clear now that I will not be in the runoff and I congratulate Janice Hahn and Craig Huey.

"I also want to commend the excellent job by Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters Dean Logan and the entire team at the Registrar's office in handling the final count so quickly, and for conducting this election so professionally, as is their standard.

“Voters in Congressional District 36 have a very important decision to make on July 12, and I encourage citizens to have their voices heard by voting in the runoff.

“As Secretary of State, I have always implemented a strict policy of not endorsing candidates to avoid even a perception of conflict, and I will continue that policy."

A small editorial comment about Bowen's statement: I know some will be tempted to characterize Debra's last sentence as a slight against Janice.

They shouldn't.

Debra has refused to endorse any candidate during her time as SOS. She is simply continuing that policy, even though it would be have been politically expedient to do otherwise.

Good for her.

The vote totals were as follows:

   JANICE HAHN            DEM                        15,607    24.62 
   CRAIG HUEY             REP                        14,096    22.24 
   DEBRA BOWEN            DEM                        13,346    21.05 
   MARCY WINOGRAD         DEM                        5,894     9.30 
   MIKE GIN               REP                        4,981     7.86 
   MIKE WEBB              REP                        3,890     6.14 
   PATRICK BOBKO          REP                        2,291     3.61 
   STEVE COLLETT          LIB                        891     1.41 
   STEPHEN EISELE         REP                        782     1.23 
   DANIEL H ADLER         DEM                        355     0.56 
   MARIA E MONTANO        PF                         324     0.51 
   LORAINE GOODWIN        DEM                        319     0.50 
   GEORGE NEWBERRY        REP                        231     0.36 
   MATTHEW ROOZEE         NP                         156     0.25 
   KATHERINE PILOT        NP                         125     0.20 
   MICHAEL T CHAMNESS     NP                         106     0.17 

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