Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CA-36 Election "The Most Offensive Political Ad Ever"


The DCCC released a statement condemning the ad for sexism, but weirdly left out mentioning how racist it was.

“Craig Huey must condemn this offensive and sexist ad, and demand that the ad makers immediately take it down. This ad does not reflect the values of California’s hardworking women and men. Craig Huey’s silence should send a chilling message to our mothers, sisters, and daughters that this kind of outrageous and sexist material is tolerated.”

Eric Bauman, Chairman of the LA County Democratic Party, condemned the ad for both it's blatant sexism and racism.

"An online ad, released by Turn Right USA, depicts women as strippers, uses African American actors to depict gangbangers, and features lyrics such as "Give us your cash b*tch, so we can shoot up the street!" This exploitation of women and African Americans to ridicule Janice Hahn's campaign and to suggestively portray young African Americans as criminals is an insult to women and African Americans in Los Angeles and across America.

"This abhorrent attempt to scare voters using racially charged images and degrading language is another desperate attempt by Tea Party extremists to suppress voter turnout in this Congressional Special Election."

And evidently, Craig Huey's campaign can't distance themselves fast enough from this piece of crap.

Huey's campaign manager, Jimmy Camp, quickly denounced the video, calling it "inappropriate" and "highly offensive" and noting that it has no connection to the campaign.

The video's creator, Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., agreed.

"He's absolutely right," Ehlinger said. "It is offensive and it has absolutely nothing to do with him."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also denounced the ad, calling it "offensive and sexist."

Ehlinger said he wrote the lyrics with members of Splack Pack, a Florida-based rap group, who also performed.

"They're awesome guys," he said. "We were having fun."

David Weigel calls this the most offensive political ad ever. I'd say that's about right.

Democrats sort of bungled a low-turnout jungle primary for Jane Harman's open seat. They expected it to produce an all-Democrat race between Janice Hahn and Debra Bowen, but Bowen fell short, and Republican Craig Huey got the other runoff spot.

That got rogue conservative filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger, Jr. interested in the race again. He made a 2010 ad against Harman, in which the congresswoman had a crush on the president of Iran; he's most famous for his ad on behalf of Dale Peterson. In California he's done this.

Mr. Ehlinger's last filmmaking opus supported Tea Party candidate Mattie Fein, who ran against Jane Harman in 2010. In it, he portrayed Harman as a crazed Frau Blucher parody from straight out of "Young Frankenstein".

Makes one nostalgic for Demon Sheep.

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  1. That looks libelous to me. Or character assassination. They need to be hit and hard.