Friday, June 3, 2011

Save The Date: June 11th Town Hall On California's Craptacular Budget Crisis

At six years and counting, it's a little difficult to label the California budget problem a crisis. At this point, it's more like one of those annoying (yet potentially life threatening) chronic conditions, like lymphoma.....or hemorrhoids.

Republicans won't budge on revenue increases, the state is closing parks right and left, the UC system is raising tuition beyond many student's ability to pay, and many basic services are being cut to the bone. Hell, they even cancelled the 4th of July in my neck of the woods because of budget cuts.

Well my state Assembly Member, Betsy Butler, is doing something that 's all too rare in this state, she's inviting her constituents to participate in an adult discussion about the issues in the form of a Town Hall Meeting. 

Want to tell her what you think of California's budget mess, find out how budget cuts will affect your life and community, and what you can do about it?

Here's your chance.

Saturday, June 11
10:30am - 12noon
Santa Monica College
Bundy Campus - Room 123
3171 South Bundy Dr. LA, CA 90066
for more information, call 310-615-3515

Folks, on the masthead of this blog are these words: "Change can only happen when citizens stand together and take ownership over their government, their country, their communities and themselves....."

I know a lot of us just got done with a bruising campaign that left many uncertain about what to do next. The California budget crisis has, and will, effect each and every one of us. And the thing is, it's within our power to do something about it.

I think it would be well worth your time. I'll be there. I hope you will too.

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