Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet Our Newest CA Assembly Member, Tea Party Republican Craig Huey

Tea Party candidate Craig Huey
Did this headline get your attention?

Good, because if Sacramento gets it's way, that's exactly what could happen. Come November, the new 66th Assembly District, which covers the South Bay from Palos Verdes to Manhattan Beach, could end up being represented by either Tea Party Republican Craig Huey or Tea Party Republican Nathan Mintz.

As I've previously reported, the South Bay is fortunate to have a very strong Democratic candidate for the new AD66 seat - Al Muratsuchi, a member of the Torrance School Board and Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice.

Democratic candidate
Al Muratsuchi
That's important, because AD66 is one of the linchpins in getting a 2/3rds majority in the state legislature. When the California Citizens Redistricting Commission upended the political landscape in 2012, it opened up a unique opportunity for Democrats get the two seats we need to overcome an obstructionist Republican minority.

Until we get that majority, we're just kidding ourselves that we can fix what's really wrong with California. The best we can hope for is triage.

Unfortunately AD66 has also become a top priority for Republicans after campaign finance reports revealed Democratic leadership in Sacramento - including departing Assembly member Betsy Butler - had yet to give any financial support to Al's campaign.

Even PACs like the California League of Conservation Voters - an important environmental group that funds progressive lawmakers - only donated $1,000 to Al - while at the same time donating $7,800 to former board member Betsy Butler, even though she running in a safe Democratic district without any viable Republican opposition.

So folks, it's going to be up to us defend the South Bay against well-funded Tea Party Republicans Huey and Mintz.

Here's what we need you to do to help:

Donate whatever you can spare. Even $5 is not too little

Beach Cities Democratic Club meet and greet in Manhattan Beach
Saturday, March 3


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