Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#Campaignfail: Out-of-District AD50 Candidate Betsy Butler Opens New Campaign Office Out of District

From the Department of Unforced Campaign Errors......

If your opponents' biggest talking point against you is that you're an outsider who's abandoned her current district and constituents to move into a district you've never lived or worked in - chances are locating your campaign office out of the district is not the best tactical move your campaign could make.

But that's exactly what AD50 candidate Betsy Butler's campaign has done.

Today, Butler sent out invitations asking supporters to come to an open house at her new campaign offices this Saturday at 11512 Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA.

The office is located several blocks outside the district (see this map for district boundaries)

During campaign season, it's expected for politicians to set up their headquarters in the district. Not only does it make the campaign and the candidate accessible to his or her own constituents but also gives back to the district's business community.

So, while Butler's campaign may not have done anything illegal by setting up shop outside the district, they certainly haven't done their candidate any favors.

The open house, which takes place this Saturday,  also happens to fall on the first day of Passover, this even though AD50 is the center of Los Angeles' Jewish community.

As my dear departed mother would say, oy vey.

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