Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#Campaignfail (Part II) Butler's Campaign Manager Tries to Erase Evidence of Out-Of-District Office

As I reported yesterday, Betsy Butler sent out invitations to supporters asking them to come to an open house this Saturday for her new campaign headquarters. Only problem was, the office was located out of the district.

Not illegal, but when your main opponent's talking point against you is that you're a carpetbagger, having a campaign office outside the district isn't the best tactical move.

Well, it appears Butler's campaign manager seems eager to compound that error, because now she's wishing the office location into the "cornfield".  Here's a screen grab from Facebook:

Sooooo......does this mean Butler's campaign manager broke the lease and is moving offices? That she expects attendees to find their office via divining rod? Hopes no one has a copy of the original invitation that was emailed out to hundreds of supporters all over the state?

Perhaps one day, somebody will explain the nature of the internet to Betsy Butler's campaign manager.

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