Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AD50 Candidate Torie Osborn Releases Her First Campaign Mailer, "Decades of Leadership"

Torie Osborn's campaign appears to be first out of the gate with a 16-page campaign mailer introducing her to the voters of the 50th Assembly District.

The full-color mailer* seeks to highlight the candidate's decades long-career in social activism and community organizing.

"It's been my life's work to forge opportunity from crisis," Osborn writes in an introduction. "As a leader of community non-profit organizations, I've tackled the problems of social injustice and poverty head-on. I've proven that I'm not afraid to tackle the tough stuff. I have the skills needed to build coalitions and bring people together to solve problems."

You can see (and download) the entire brochure below.

As mailers from other candidates go out and are brought to my attention, I'll be sure to post those as well.

TorieOsborn - Decades Of Leadership

* full disclosure - many of the contemporary photos of Obsorn are ones that I took.

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