Saturday, April 21, 2012

Torie Osborn Offers To Clean Up Betsy Butler's Baby Bottle Boo-Boo

Betsy Butler baby-bottle mailer
Do you live in Santa Monica or the Mid-Wilshire district? Have you received an unwanted bit of campaign spam this weekend from candidate Betsy Butler in the form of a plastic baby bottle?

Butler's opponent, Torie Osborn, would like to help you out.

Just in time for Earth Day, one of my opponent’s campaign is littering front doors across the district with low-grade plastic baby bottles. I’m not sure why my opponent thought voters in the most environmentally conscious district in California would want to get spammed with unwanted plastic, but I’m ready to lead the recycling drive.
This Monday, I will personally recycle all the bottles given to me and my team by voters, taking them to the Santa Monica Community Recycling Center.

If you would like to have your bottle picked up and recycled, please email before Sunday at 5pm.

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