Monday, April 9, 2012

#Campaignfail (Part III) Betsy Butler Flip-Flops On Out-Of-District Office (with photos!!!)

As I reported last week, Betsy Butler sent out invitations to supporters asking them to come to an open house last Saturday (on Passover, no less) for her new campaign headquarters. Only problem was, the office was located out of the district.

Then, a day later, it appeared Butler's campaign manager tried to wish the out-of-the-district campaign office  into the "cornfield".  Here's a screen grab from Facebook:

Well, a day after that, Butler's campaign sent out new invitations, asking supporters to show up at a different location, this one a few blocks inside the district.  By all accounts, the opening was a rousing success, with an "overflow" crowd.

Now, this is the weird part.

As it happens, I had to be in the neighborhood for a doctor's appointment, so I decided to drive by the new office at 12222 Wilshire to have a peak.

This is what I saw:

....and this....

....and this.....

There was no suite number listed on the campaign invitation, and I couldn't find any other signage on the building.

Now, I've certainly worked out of campaign offices the size of broom closets, but don't you think this is stretching that metaphor too far?

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