Monday, April 8, 2013

Former Mayoral Candidate Kevin James Joins Maxine Waters To Oppose LAX Runway Expansion

So a Republican former mayoral candidate from Laurel Canyon and a Liberal Democratic Congresswoman from Westchester walk into a bar.........

.......and made a video together to stop a runway from being moved 260 feet at Los Angeles International Airport.

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that Congresswoman Maxine Waters declared war on Henry Waxman after he went behind her back to support a plan being pushed by an "unholy alliance" of the LA Chamber of Commerce and Big Labor to expand LAX's north runways.

Well today I get to break the news that Kevin James, the Republican attorney who just ran for Mayor of Los Angeles, agrees with Congresswoman Waters, and is calling for the LA City Council to reject a scheme to move those runways and reroute parts of Lincoln and Sepulveda Blvds to accommodate years of construction.

You see, when I realized how badly this plan would screw up traffic for everyone - not just the folks who lived by the airport - I decided to make a video that would lay out exactly what was stake here.

Take a minute and have a look......I'll wait. 

Kevin James agreed to appear in the video right along side Maxine Waters, Bill Rosendahl, Mike Bonin and a bunch of other community leaders who all have one thing in common - they know how Angeleno's quality of life will go down hill if those runways move and Lincoln Blvd. closes.

Look, most Angelenos don't know it's going to affect them if the Council approves moving the runways. Until a couple of weeks ago, I know I didn't.  And the special interests that control LAX have done a great job painting the activists as anti-growth, anti-modernization NIMBYS.  

My hope is that between this video and a lot of grassroots activism we can educate people and change that narrative.

"Maybe I've looked at this issue closer than others because I was a candidate for mayor and I've spent a lot of time in different communities all across the city, but I can tell you this is not at all a NIMBY issue," Kevin James told me. "I don't live near the airport. I live in Laurel Canyon right near the San Fernando Valley and this is something that concerns me for the whole city.... We need to proceed very carefully here."

The LA City Council could vote to move the runways as early as this week,  so I'm going to ask you to do three things.

1) Watch the video

2) Sign the petition. Tell our elected officials we want to make LAX a world-class airport without moving runways, shutting down our streets and causing Endless Carmageddon.

3) Tell a friend - Share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

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