Friday, October 24, 2014

Santa Monica City Councilmember Launches Blistering Attack on Former Colleague Bobby Shriver

Current Santa Monica Council Member Gleam Davis today launched a blistering attack on her former colleague, Bobby Shriver.

That Davis, a supporter of Sheila Kuehl - Shriver's rival for the LA County Supervisor seat being vacated by Zev Yarovslowsky - is critical of Shriver is hardly news. What is notable, however, is the specificity and fierceness of her criticism in a town where few have the stomach to go up against Maria Shriver and the rest of the still-powerful Kennedy clan.

Among other things, Davis accuses Shriver of showing little interest in local issues before City Code enforcement made him trim the hedges around his home. She also claims he was absent from or late to most of the council meetings held during his tenure.

"Bobby ran on a platform of collaboration and respect for residents," said Davis.  "Once Bobby was elected, it became clear that this was just campaign rhetoric."

Davis' entire statement below: 

Bobby Shriver and his supporters are touting his experience on the Santa Monica City Council as a reason to vote for him for County Supervisor.  For more than three years, I served on the City Council with Bobby Shriver and I am supporting Sheila Kuehl.  Let me tell you why:

Bobby decided to run for City Council because he was angry that the City’s enforcement of its hedge ordinance would require him to trim the hedge around his home.  Before the hedge issue came up, he never had shown any interest in local politics or local issues. 

Bobby was sufficiently upset about the hedge issue that he decided to run for City Council.  He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money on his campaign.  No one in our small city had ever seen that kind of personal wealth spent on a City Council race. 

Bobby ran on a platform of collaboration and respect for residents.  Once Bobby was elected, it became clear that this was just campaign rhetoric. 

After he was elected, Bobby was difficult to reach.  When he was willing to speak with residents, he often seemed impatient and distracted.  On the dais, he was rude to his colleagues, city employees and members of the public.  He frequently interrupted members of the public and other councilmembers when they were speaking.  Bobby didn’t work well with others so he did not get very much done.

Soon after he was elected, Bobby’s lack of interest in local politics resurfaced.  Except for a very few issues, Bobby seemed unprepared for meetings and unconcerned about the matters on the Council’s agenda.  The City Council only meets twice a month, but Shriver completely missed 46 meetings -- 1 out of every 5 meetings.  He was late, some times as much as two hours late, to 102 meetings.  In fact, Shriver was present and on-time for only 39% of the Council’s meetings.  And he often left meetings early before the public comment portion of the meeting.

I want a County Supervisor who listens to the public, treats everyone with respect, and can collaborate with her colleagues.  I want a County Supervisor who shows up on time and is ready to work.  I want a County Supervisor who stays as late as necessary to make sure all voices are heard.  That’s why I am supporting Sheila Kuehl.


  1. I don't think this is a "blistering attack" at all. It is a Santa Monica Councilmember sharing her experience in working with Bobby on the City Council and providing facts with respect to his attendance record. In a race as close as this one---and one in which both candidates have similar views on an array of issues, it's valuable for voters to have information on what sets them apart. --From my understanding, Sheila had an outstanding working relationship with her colleagues in the Senate and won the respect of both Republicans and Democrats alike. In race as close as this one, distinctions such as this matter. Many thanks to the author for the information.

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