Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why I'm Standing With Sandra Fluke For SD26 In One Easy Info-Graphic

Let me be crystal clear about this - I NEVER vote along the lines of identity politics alone, but with all things being equal - and I believe that's the case with Sandra Fluke and Ben Allen in the SD-26 race - then I will vote for the qualified woman and/or person of color. Every. Single. Time.

If you want to know why, look no farther than this info-graphic below.

White males make up only a third of our population, yet hold two-thirds of elected office in this country.

This won't change unless we support and elect qualified women and people of color to local, state and national office.

They are out there and they run every election cycle. We have a great one running for California state senate right now.

When she first announced her intentions to run, some questioned Fluke's qualifications, saying being attacked by Rush Limbaugh and the resulting "celebrity" was not enough. What differentiates Fluke is not that she was attacked by Rush Limbaugh. What differentiates her is what she she did once she was attacked by Limbaugh.

She didn't give in and she didn't give up. She didn't hide. She kept the conversation going. She kept it on point. She expanded her activism and with it the conversation about women's reproductive rights, their health and their equal role in society. And she did it with equanimity, intelligence, grace and most importantly, effectiveness. She was tested in a way very few electeds are ever tested. Since then, she's done the deep work she's needed to do to understand the district's needs.

In my book, that earns her a seat at the table, and serious regard as a candidate for State Senate.

So I'm standing - and voting - for Sandra Fluke November 4th. I ask you to do the same.


  1. Is this guy for real?

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