Wednesday, August 20, 2008


"We're a numbers-driven, people-centered campaign to change America!"

This is how Akili, our cruise director for the weekend, begins Camp Obama.

Over 200 committed Angelinos have gathered in a stuffy cafeteria at the Los Angeles Trade and Technical college near downtown. It's a diverse group - young, old, techies, technophobes, blacks, white, latinos, asians, hispanics, GLBT, and everything in between - bonded by a single purpose. To get Barack Obama elected.

For two days we're trained on what we need to do to get out the vote. Mainly, what we need to do to get out the vote in Nevada, which is critical swing state for Obama.

What follows are some photos from the event.

Take a good look at these faces. They look like America......

To view the entire gallery: CAMP OBAMA 2008

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