Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No way. No how. No McCain.

Hillary delegate Nia Goldman. Her husband George is an Obama delegate!

8/26/08 - DAY TWO

After a night of sleeping wedged into a love seat just big enough for my cat and a surreal day of hunting for a ticket to Obama's speech at Mile High Stadium, I am in no mood for games. I've run into too many alleged "journalists" looking for disaffected Hillary delegates (of which I've yet to find) and I'm beyond patience.

I want some fucking unity. I want it now.

I track down some fabulous expresso from the local lesbian coffee house and begin my day in earnest. The night before it had become pretty clear to me that my chances of getting a ticket for the Obama speech had gone from slim to none. Every person I asked had the same deer-in-the-headlights look on their face when I brought the subject up. Clearly drastic action was called for.

Time to hit Craig's List.

Out of the 70,000 tickets available, some 30,000 went to Colorado and other western swing states. They "sold" out within 24 hours (they were actually free). In an effort to keep down scalping, the Obama campaign didn't mail out the physical tickets until this week. Recipients had to call in or log in on the internet and provide their names and contact information, along with the serial number on the ticket. Once registered, the tickets become non-transferrable. If your ID doesn't match the info you provided when the ticket is scanned at the stadium they won't let you in.

Of course this didn't stop the scalping at all. I logged on to the Denver Craig's List and found half a dozen tickets for sale. Yet almost as soon I attempted to contact a potential seller, the link would be erased. What started out as straightforward illicit transaction quickly became a game of whack-o-mole.

As the day wore on I watched as prices climbed from $100 a ticket to a $1,000 a pair. A $1,000 a pair for a political speech. No wonder McCain is do desperate to smear Obama as being a celebrity. He's green-eyed envious.

For hours I walk the Mall, my iPhone held out like a divining rod as I frantically send out emails. Low on battery, I finally give it up. I meet up with fellow California Dems Mary Jack and Cara Robin at the Sheraton for a talk given by Democracy Now's Amy Goldman. She had the best quote of the day about how the main stream media works in this country,

"They tell us so little about so much and get it so wrong"

The crowds have started to grow in anticipation of Hillary's speech. By far the demonstrators I see the most of are the Jesus freaks and anti-choice crowd. I'm baffled why they're even here. They're taunted by the crowd and their graphic sandwich boards featuring images of aborted fetuses make it impossible for the main stream media to give them any airplay. It's sad and pointless.

After a quick side trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond, I blow up my brand new air mattress and settle in for Hillary's speech. And am blown away.

"No way. No how. No McCain".

Oh. My. God. Hillary dear, all is forgiven.

The day ends at the California delegation's "Rising Stars" bash. I see half our team from the California Obama campaign, run into Councilman Eric Garcetti and spot Antonio Villaraigosa chatting up a slim brunette. But two apple martinis and a Sean Penn sighting later, I'm beat.

Time to go back to the apartment. The sooner I can get some sleep the earlier I can get up. I'm still on the hunt............

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  1. What a great entry! Sooo exciting! I can feel it! -Julie (new volunteer in W. LA)