Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only 77 Days To Go

Do you want Barack Obama to be our next President?

It is not enough to want him to win. It is not enough to hope he'll win. We need to help him win. We need to build this victory, one precinct and one vote at a time. And the time to act is now.

We've just returned from "Camp Obama," an intensive two-day training with senior campaign officials. The campaign is asking Southern California voters to "adopt" certain areas in Nevada and help bring that battleground state into the Obama column.

The Nevada race will be very tight. Bush eked out a narrow victory there over Kerry in 2004. To succeed, we need the help of every available Obama supporter. Together, we will become a numbers-driven, people-centered campaign to change America.


Between now and November 4, a hearty band of Obama supporters from the Westside and the South Bay will be organizing a series of local phonebanks and road trips to Las Vegas to help the Obama campaign identify, register and mobilize every potential Obama supporter we can find.

Can you attend a phonebank in your community and call
Nevada voters?

Can you join us for a weekend roadtrip to Las Vegas to knock on doors and meet Nevada voters one-on-one and in person?

Can you host a phonebank party in your home or office space?
Or provide refreshments for volunteers?

Do you have a friend who supports Obama but still needs to translate that support into action?

No contribution or effort is too small. This is going to be a hard-fought and close campaign.


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