Friday, September 5, 2008

2,000 People Show Up At Culver City Obama HQ For Grand Opening

As John McCain gave his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, 2,000 people braved rush-hour traffic and spotty parking to attend the Obama HQ's grand opening. The campaign told me they signed up over 500 volunteers last night. I met folks who came from as far away as Long Beach and Chatsworth to be there.

Dave Dayen had a great post about this on DailyKos today:

The general election has begun. On a random Thursday night, when most political junkies were watching POW McCain's cottage cheese and lime Jello speech at the RNC convention, in a town notoriously hard to get anywhere in on time, 2,000 people showed up at the opening of Barack Obama's first campaign office in Southern California.

There were a couple speeches from locals (Eric Garcetti, Harb Wesson, Mark Ridley-Thomas, and a couple others) at the beginning, and they handed out a few yard signs and bumper stickers, but basically, this was an office opening. Just a walk-through of the building. And the campaign sent only one email out about it, with just 24 hours advance notice.

Two thousand people.


This is all great news because the Obama campaign has tasked Southern California with turning out the vote in our sister state Nevada. In 2004, Kerry lost this important swing state by only 2%. Our goal in 2008 is to win it by 2%.
We need you! We need your energy, your skills , and your willingness to really help out. We are looking for people like you to help fill out our volunteer leadership teams in the 36th congressional district. We are looking for smart, energetic people to help organize phonebanks and trips to Las Vegas.

Here's how you can get involved:


This is the best thing you can do to learn about events, phone banks and trips to Nevada. Once you sign up, you can easily locate what's happening in your neighborhood simply by entering your zip code.


We will be having phone banks happening all over the 36 Congressional District every weekend. We have them this weekend! To sign up and get directions, click on the links below!

Saturday, Sept. 6th


1pm - 4pm 


Apply for a spot at a Camp Obama near you and become a leader in our movement for change:

We have two dates this month for camps in the area:

Sept 13-14 in Downtown Los Angeles
Sept. 20-21 in Long Beach

Camp Obama trainings offer an in-depth look at the strategies and techniques that have driven this campaign and prepare you to lead our Get Out The Vote efforts in Nevada as a Deputy Field Organizer.By participating in Camp Obama, you'll get the kind of experience that Barack got as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, where he learned that real change happens from the bottom up.
Camp Obama is your chance to step up and become a leader in this movement.

Apply for a spot at a Camp Obama near you and become a leader in our movement for change:


We have trips going to Nevada to get out the vote nearly every weekend. Click on the links below to learn more and to RSVP

Sept. 12-14
voter registration and door-to-door canvassingRSVP:

Sept. 26-28
voter registration and door-to-door canvassing

Oct. 3-5
voter registration and door-to-door canvassing

Oct. 17-19
door-to-door canvassing and GOTV

Nov. 1-4 (ELECTION DAY!!!!!)
door-to-door canvassing and GOTVRSVP:

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