Thursday, September 18, 2008

Electoral Vote Count - Obama 243, McCain 274

Time to get busy

We need people to make phone calls to Nevada to identify Obama supporters in that state. Phone banking now will save canvassers on the ground thousands of hours come election day. In 2004, we lost Nevada by only 2%. In 2008, with your help, we'll win in a landslide! Refreshments will be served.

You will need a cell phone and a charger.

Saturday, Sept. 20
913 Marco Pl. Venice, CA 90291
10am-1pm RSVP HERE
1pm-4pm RSVP HERE

Sunday, Sept. 21
819 Milwood Avenue Venice, CA 90291
1pm-4pm RSVP HERE

Saturday, Sept. 21
3547 Mountain View Ave Los Angeles, CA 90066
1pm-4pm RSVP HERE

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