Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate The Debates! Phone Bank For Obama This Weekend!

What a great weekend to talk to voters about Barack Obama! We have the first Debate Friday night. Well, or not. So there will be a lot to talk about!

We need YOUR help at our local phone banks to talk to voters and identify fellow Obama supporters! Please come join us -- won't you be happy on November 5 that you did?

Please click on the links below to RSVP:

Venice , Sat, 9/27, 10A-1P

Venice , Sat, 9/27, 1-4P

Venice , Sun, 9/28, 1-4P

Marina del Rey, Sat, 9/27, 10A-1P

Marina del Rey, Sat, 9/27, 1-4P

Mar Vista, Sun, 9/28, 1-4P

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