Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabagger Tweets Sanitized For Your Protection

This mashup of  today's protest tweets brought to you from

Crowd here at the #teaparty is markedly better dressed and better smelling than those at most lefty events I've been to

I pay taxes because public schools educate even those who turn around and attack public

Just went threw downtown altanta I don't see anyone black at these #teaparty hum

"I pay taxes because it turns out I can't afford a firetruck or police force on my own."

im at #teaparty. anyone else packin heat here

And we always need to provide a safety bag for those without enough tea to teabag. 

This socialism thing doesn't feel right to me. I like free markets. The possibilities are endless in capitalism.

I pay taxes for sewage/water treatment and I'm sorry I can't put it in your backyard!!!!!!! 

Holding #teaparty in my cube. Put up Dick Army cut out and Fox logo. seized IT guys

To paraphrase Jon Stewart, "It's supposed to taste like a shit taco." 

grassroots or Astroturf? How about sod with Miracle-Gro sprinkled on top? 

Sen. Joseph McCarthy called. He says he wants his rhetoric back.

They would not be out here if old man rivers Mcain won the election. 

I pay taxes to make sure our soldiers have care they need when they come home injured from unnecessary wars. 

I drink tea! Tea is better for you. The amino acid L-theanine counters the caffeine and the antioxidants keep you healthy.

7 Year Bitch makes for a great soundtrack to play along with your #TeaParty #teabgging Extravaganza!

Looks like I may be the only black here

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