Sunday, January 17, 2010

ACTION ALERT! GOTV! Don't Let The Teabaggers Take Ted Kennedy's Seat!

Folks, tomorrow is Election Day in Massachusetts and voters will go to the polls and decide who will take Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. We need all hands on deck! Get on the phones, hit the pavement, and DO THE WORK.

Click here to make calls from home.

CA Phonebanks for Coakley
(click on the cities to get time, directions and to RSVP)

TUESDAY (E-DAY!!!!) – January 19

Studies have proven that the most effective way to GOTV is with voter contact. You are often providing the critical tools and support people need to vote. Finding out who needs a ride. Telling people their polling locations. Reminding them of when the polls close. Believe it or not I have talked to voters on Election Day who did not know where to vote, who did not know polls would be closing soon, or who had not realized the election was that day. Without me, those people would not have voted, even though they wanted to vote for my candidate. GOTV volunteers make a real difference.

Last, but not least: And there's one more thing you can do from anywhere in five minutes or less, which is donate money to the campaign. Yes, they can still use money! So if you can give, please do.

Act Blue for Martha Coakley

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