Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your Progressive California Proposition Voter Guide

The helpful folks at the Courage Campaign have produced a handy voter guide for the nine propositions which will be on the ballot November 2nd. Feel free to download the guide and bring it with you to the polls!

PROP 19: Tax & regulate cannabis
Ends prohibition, allowing Californians over age 21 to legally possess and grow small amounts of cannabis. Permits local governments to decide whether to license and tax the sale of cannabis. Enables legislature to provide further regulations, while maintaining drug-free schools and workplaces. Will reduce prison costs and end failed war on drugs. More information: www.taxcannabis.org

PROP 20: Congressional redistricting
Placed on the ballot by a wealthy right-wing activist, this would give the power to draw Congressional district boundaries to an unelected commission, intended to reduce the number of House seats held by Democrats. Strongly opposed by most progressive organizations. More information: www.noprop20.org

PROP 21: Save state parks
Keeps all state parks open, addresses maintenance backlog, and allows Californians to access all state parks and state beaches free of charge. Paid for by an increase of $18 per year in the vehicle registration fee, raising $500 million to ensure the long-term survival of our state parks. More information: www.yesforstateparks.com

PROP 22: Local government funds
Well-intentioned but flawed proposal to address financial problems of local governments. Gives cities and counties an immediate payment of over $1 billion, forcing further cuts to public schools and other vital public services.
More information: www.votenoprop22.com

PROP 23: Dirty energy proposition
Funded by two Texas oil companies — Valero and Tesoro — Prop 23 would effectively repeal California's global warming law, gutting our clean energy economy, costing hundreds of thousands of jobs, and stopping us from addressing climate change. More information: www.stoptexasoil.org

PROP 24: Close corporate tax loopholes
In 2008 and 2009, Republicans leveraged the 2/3rds rule to force the creation of corporate tax loopholes that add $2 billion a year to the state's budget deficit. Closing these loopholes will help put teachers back in the classroom and restore health care services to Californians in need. More information: www.yesprop24.org

PROP 25: Majority vote budget
Provides badly needed reforms by eliminating the 2/3rds rule to pass a budget in the state legislature, depriving right-wingers of their power to delay the budget. Would help prevent the most cruel budget cuts and enable the passage of more progressive budget solutions. More information: www.endbudgetgridlock.com

PROP 26: Polluter protection
Funded largely by right-wing corporations, this would require a 2/3rds vote of the legislature to impose a fee, making it impossible to force polluters to pay their cleanup costs. Prop 26 also undermines the implementation of the global warming law.

PROP 27: Redistricting commission
Voters created a commission to redraw the state legislative district boundaries by passing Prop 11 in 2008. Prop 27 would eliminate that commission. Courage Campaign members were evenly split on this proposition, but Venice For Change is recommending a no vote.

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