Friday, November 19, 2010

Unemployed in California? Meet The Republicans Who Voted Against Extending Your Benefits

Folks, you might want to bookmark this page for future reference. Why? Because below is a list of all the members of the California Republican Caucus. The lawmakers (combined net worth of $672,185,877) who all just voted to cut off your unemployment benefits.

These will be the people who will vote to repeal your health insurance and reduce your Social Security payments, while extending tax breaks for millionaires, issuing endless subpoenas and conducting global warming witch-hunts, and saving us from dreaded anchor-terrorist babies.

Keep these lawmakers on speed dial.

Wally Herger - District 2 (net worth $11,803,664)
phone(202) 225-3076
Web siteVisit the Website

Dan Lungren - District 3 (net worth $81,000)
Web siteVisit the Website

Tom McClintock - District 4
(net worth $110,000)
Web siteVisit the Website

George Radanovich - District 19
(net worth $395,000)
phone(202) 225-4540
Web siteVisit the Website

Devin Nunes - District 21
(net worth $365,000)
phone(202) 225-2523
Web siteVisit the Website

Kevin McCarthy - District 22
(net worth $380,000)
phone(202) 225-2915
Web siteVisit the Website

Elton Gallegly - District 24
(net worth $3,455,000)
phone(202) 225-5811
Web siteVisit the Website

Howard McKeon - District 25
(net worth $34,099)
phone(202) 225-1956
Web siteVisit the Website

David Dreier - District 26
(net worth $17,715,000)
phone(202) 225-2305
Web siteVisit the Website

Ed Royce - District 40
(net worth $461,000)
phone(202) 225-4111
Web siteVisit the Website

Jerry Lewis - District 41
(net worth $1,550,000)
phone(202) 225-5861
Web siteVisit the Website

Gary Miller - District 42
(net worth $84,302,000)
phone(202) 225-3201
Web siteVisit the Website

Ken Calvert - District 44
(net worth $9,799,995)
phone(202) 225-1986
Web siteVisit the Website

Mary Bono Mack - District 45
(net worth $3,115,00)
phone(202) 225-5330
Web siteVisit the Website

Dana Rohrabacher - District 46
(net worth $734,998)
phone(202) 225-2415
Web siteVisit the Website

John Campbell - District 48
(net worth $37,282,000)
Web siteVisit the Website

Darrell Issa - District 49
(net worth $451,100,000)
phone(202) 225-3906
Web siteVisit the Website

Brian Bilbray - District 50
(net worth $50,495,623)
Web siteVisit the Website

Duncan Hunter - District 52
(net worth $1,809,998)
phone(202) 225-5672
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  1. These so called humans are so cruel that if I start to talk about them, I will say really hateful things that I try not to say. Thank you for calling them out, I am not going to forget them, they are in my bookmarks.

    Imagine having the gall to vote against such a relatively small budget item, not caring that you're pushing families over the brink to welfare to work and medi-cal and at the same time being absolutely determined to keep your wealthy "owners" happy by continuing their tax breaks, which are minuscule to each of them, with the kind of money they have.

    I feel that we are at critical mass now, and if the Republicans are called out by all of us continuously about their "one term Obama/Party still of No" actions over the next two years, people may finally get it because they will feel the pain more than ever and the repercussions will move further up the middle class line than they have so far.

    I still hope and trust that President Obama and the Democrats will refine their message to keep the focus on further inhumane policies being perpetrated by Republicans and will fight for what is right every step of the way.

    I am so glad we are seeing signs of a Democratic backbone (sadly an oxymoron for quite some time), and may they stay strong for all of us who are not filthy rich. If they don't use every thing they've got, especially the President, we could go down...

  2. Thank you, Marta. Excellent work. Okay if we link up with