Monday, November 29, 2010

Unemployment Benefits Runs Out For 150,000 Californians Today.

Unemployment benefits will start running out for a 150,000 Californians starting this week, according the the California Employment Development Department.

Loree Levy, an EDD spokeswoman, said the people affected are on so-called Fed-Ed emergency aid. People collecting Fed-Ed normally would be able to get 20 weeks of benefits.
But the law authorizing the program expires Tuesday, Nov. 30. Unless Congress approves an extension of benefits, federal funding for the Fed-Ed program would end. The last week of payable benefits — whether or not a laid-off worker has received all 20 weeks of payments — would be Dec. 5-11 
Those collecting Fed-Ed are not the only ones facing a cutoff of jobless aid. They are just the ones that, as a group, will be hit first. EDD estimates 454,000 jobless workers altogether — equivalent to the population of Long Beach — could be removed from the unemployment rolls by the end of the year if Congress doesn't take action. 
That does not include 250,000 other unemployed workers who have exhausted the 99 weeks of benefits now available and who are not eligible for any more aid. 

Let me save you the math:  over 750,000 Californians could lose their entire social safety net by January 1, 2011 - the population of Oakland and Anaheim combined.

Earlier this month, Congress failed to pass another extension of unemployment benefits, All 19 members of the California Republican Caucus. (combined net worth of $672,185,877) who all voted to cut off  unemployment benefits.

"We cannot continue to pursue these extensions indefinitely, and Congresswoman Bono Mack is unwilling to add $12 billion to the deficit at the expense of our children and grandchildren's futures," Bono Mack (R-Palm Springs) spokeswoman Anjulen Anderson said.

Bono Mack is also on the record as supporting extending the Bush tax cuts for millionaires - a move that would blow a $700 billion hole in the budget. No word yet from the Congresswoman on how she plans to pay for that.

This might be a good time to reintroduce the CA-GOP Congressional delegation again.

Keep these lawmakers on speed dial.

Wally Herger - District 2 (net worth $11,803,664)
phone(202) 225-3076
Web siteVisit the Website
Dan Lungren - District 3 (net worth $81,000)
Web siteVisit the Website
Tom McClintock - District 4 (net worth $110,000)
Web siteVisit the Website
George Radanovich - District 19 (net worth $395,000)
phone(202) 225-4540
Web siteVisit the Website
Devin Nunes - District 21 (net worth $365,000)
phone(202) 225-2523
Web siteVisit the Website
Kevin McCarthy - District 22 (net worth $380,000)
phone(202) 225-2915
Web siteVisit the Website
Elton Gallegly - District 24 (net worth $3,455,000)
phone(202) 225-5811
Web siteVisit the Website
Howard McKeon - District 25 (net worth $34,099)
phone(202) 225-1956
Web siteVisit the Website
David Dreier - District 26 (net worth $17,715,000)
phone(202) 225-2305
Web siteVisit the Website
Ed Royce - District 40 (net worth $461,000)
phone(202) 225-4111
Web siteVisit the Website
Jerry Lewis - District 41 (net worth $1,550,000)
phone(202) 225-5861
Web siteVisit the Website
Gary Miller - District 42 (net worth $84,302,000)
phone(202) 225-3201
Web siteVisit the Website
Ken Calvert - District 44 (net worth $9,799,995)
phone(202) 225-1986
Web siteVisit the Website
Mary Bono Mack - District 45 (net worth $3,115,00)
phone(202) 225-5330
Web siteVisit the Website
Dana Rohrabacher - District 46 (net worth $734,998)
phone(202) 225-2415
Web siteVisit the Website
John Campbell - District 48 (net worth $37,282,000)
Web siteVisit the Website
Darrell Issa - District 49 (net worth $451,100,000)
phone(202) 225-3906
Web siteVisit the Website
Brian Bilbray - District 50 (net worth $50,495,623)
Web siteVisit the Website
Duncan Hunter - District 52 (net worth $1,809,998)
phone(202) 225-5672
Web siteVisit the Website

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