Thursday, January 6, 2011

AD53 Delegate Election: Meet Varo Asorian

Sometimes you get lucky.

As I write this, John Boehner assumes the Speakership of the House, and with him a whole new crop of crazy has descended on our nation's capitol. Yet, even as Democrat's prospects look bleak in DC, they've never looked better in California - we have a new (old) Democratic governor, and a clean sweep of Democratic lawmakers and cabinet posts in Sacramento.

We also have a renewed sense of optimism and possibility. Nowhere is that more evident than in the folks I'm running with for the AD53 delegate election. Although we're an incredibly diverse group - younger, older, incumbent, first-time candidate, African American, Caucasian, Latino, Armenian, Gay and Straight - we all a share common belief that we can help facilitate real and positive change in Sacramento.

Which brings me to Varo Asorian, a first-time candidate running for both delegate and as a member of the 300-member Executive Board of the California Democratic Party. Since he's never run for elected office, you may never have heard of him before.

I'd like to fix that right now.

Varo may be new as a candidate,  but he's not new to politics or activism. In fact, he's been a tireless activist in California for many years.

"In 1992 I became a GLBT civil rights activist fighting against the reelection of George Bush. The next fight came when I worked to defeat Prop 22 (Prop 8's distant relative, which also banned gay marriage). Its passage was heartbreaking and made me realize how important it was to be involved in the political process.", says Asorian.

In 1994, Asorian joined the Human Rights Campaign in California and eventually became  a Governor and LA Steering Committee Member. He's lobbied in DC against the twice-defeated Anti Gay Marriage Amendment.

But his activism doesn't stop with the GLBT movement, and has worked to get Democrats elected to all levels of government in California, from Betsy Butler in AD53 to Barbara Boxer in the Senate.

He sees his candidacy for the CADEM E-board as a natural extension of his work as an activist.

"I envision CA as a place where all Californians have access to healthcare, education, good jobs, housing, statewide public transportation via high speed trains, are less dependent on fossil fuels, breath clean air, drink clean water and can live open and freely. For the last 12 years I have owned a small business, which I recently sold. Now I find myself compelled to participate in helping CA continue to be the model for the rest of the country not by just voting but by being part of the process. As a partisan Democrat, if elected to be a delegate, I will uphold the values and tenets of our vibrant state Democratic Party for the benefit of all Californians."

Please vote for diversity, optimism, and positive change in Sacramento. Vote for our slate, "Respect, Empower, and Include", and vote for Varo Asarian for AD53 delegate, and for CADEM E-board.


  1. Who's the pretty lady? Sorry, yes, also, noble sentiments about California's civic future. That's much more important. She's pretty.

  2. LOL. That would be Betsy Butler, our new 53D Assemblymember!