Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birther Interrupts House Reading Of The Constitution

Stepping boldly into the same footsteps of Joe "You Lie" Wilson, a birther in the House peanut gallery interrupts the reading of the Constitution just as they get to the section talking about the qualifications of the presidency.

You have to see this to believe it. Chickens, welcome to your roost.

A supposed birther spectator interrupted the House's reading of the Constitution Thursday, as a representative read the natural born citizenship clause mandating that only candidates born in the United States are eligible to serve in the Office of President.
"Except Obama, except Obama, help us Jesus!" the woman interjected over Rep. Frank Pallone's (D-N.J.) recitation of the Second Article clause.
Politico reports that the woman was arrested by the sergeant at arms after being scolded by Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), who was serving as Speaker pro tempore.
An officer removed her from the gallery as she yelled out "My name is Theresa."
"You're under arrest," the officer could be heard telling her as he led her through double doors at the back of the chamber.

Slate's Dave Weigel reports on the agitator's alleged identity:

I'm told that the woman who made the disruption was Theresa Cao, a birther activist and supporter of court-martialed birther Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. On December 16, she told WorldNetDaily that she was "taking his message to the White House and Congress." 

Oh look, she has a blog! If you can make sense of it, let me know and get back to me.

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