Thursday, September 1, 2011

URGENT! Shark Fin Lobby Buying Opposition to CA Ban. Call your CA Senator TODAY.

This morning I received an alarming call from Sue Chen, the South Bay environmentalist who's been spearheading the shark fin ban effort in Sacramento.

The California State Senate has unexpectedly scheduled a vote on the ban for tomorrow. And, despite the fact that 85% of Californians, and 70% of Chinese-Americans polled support a ban on the sale or possession of shark fins in California, the ban is looking like it may not pass.

The international shark fin trade, who has hired the same lobbyists representing Phillip Morris and Walmart, are literally buying off CA Senate votes with threats to withhold campaign contributions.

Their hard-ball tactics seem to be working. Senator Curren Price, who was a "yes" vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee, has said he'll vote "no" when the bill comes to the floor. He is but one example.

We need you to call your CA Senator TODAY. Even if your Senator is a Republican, since the bill does have bipartisan support.

Go to this link to find your CA State Senator:

Tell them you want them to support the ban on the sale or possession of shark fins in California.

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