Monday, August 29, 2011

Hundreds Sign Petition Asking Betsy Butler To Stay In South Bay To Run Against Tea Party Candidate Nathan Mintz

Wow. I'm just overwhelmed by the response. Last week, I asked constituents and activists in AD53 to sign a pledge of support to Assemblywoman Betsy Butler if she stayed in the South Bay to run against declared Tea Party candidate Nathan Mintz.

Hundreds of you signed this petition:

Dear Assemblywoman Butler,

We know what's at stake in 2012. Thanks to redistricting, California Democrats have a realistic chance to reach the 2/3rds majority threshold we desperately need in the legislature. If we achieve that, we can break the stranglehold a radical Republican minority has had on our state and allow us to rebuild the functional government Californians deserve.

In fact, we only need to gain two seats in the Assembly in 2012 to make this a reality.

We also know redistricting has made reelection in 2012 more challenging for you. So much so in fact, we know you're considering a move to another district you believe is safer for Democrats.

We need you to stay in the South Bay and run in the new 66th Assembly District as the Democratic incumbent. Because without you in the race, the declared Tea Party candidate, Nathan Mintz, will certainly win.

As our representative in the CA State Assembly, we know you've done your best to make sure we have a voice in Sacramento. We know you've gotten our back.

Now it's our turn to get yours.

If you stay and fight the Tea Party, we will fight with you. We will pledge you our money and our time. We will walk precincts for you, make phone calls, talk to our friends and neighbors, and register voters.

We will fight like hell to keep the South Bay blue and you as our representative in Sacramento.

Running for the 53d Assembly District in 2010, Butler defeated Mintz 50.2% - 43%.

But most of that support came from the northern part of the district, which is why she wants to move - so she'll have an easier and cheaper race in 2012.

Redistricting has primarily divided the 53d AD into two new districts - the heavily Democratic 62nd Assembly District, which includes Venice, Marina del Rey, El Segundo, Hawthorne, and Inglewood, and the more conservative 66th Assembly District, which includes the Beach Cities, Torrance, Palos Verdes and Carson. Only about 2% of the current 53d AD overlaps the new 50th Assembly District.

Butler lives in the new 62nd Assembly District, which is already represented by another incumbent, Democrat Steve Bradford. Media reports have indicated that Butler wants to move to the newly vacant 50th Assembly District rather than run for reelection against Bradford or move to the new 66th Assembly District, which only has a 3-point Democratic registration advantage.

Without Butler in the race, the GOP considers the new 66th Assembly District a "top target" for Republicans in 2012.

No word yet on Butler's reaction. Every signature triggered an email which went directly to her office, so she's definitely aware of our efforts.

Keep checking in for updates as they become available.

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