Friday, August 12, 2011

Cornography (UPDATED w NSFW animation )

Photos from the Iowa State Fair. The jokes just write themselves.

Driving away on a golf cart with her husband Marcus beside her, Mrs Bachmann stopped to buy a foot-long corn dog – a chicken and beef sausage in deep-fried batter. After applying mustard and allowing Mr Bachmann to take the first bite, she chomped into it with gusto.

Earlier this summer, Rick Santorum enjoyed some dick-shaped soft-serve.

“You cannot produce a dark enough chocolate for me not to like,” said Santorum. “The darkest chocolate ice cream in the world—I just love chocolate.” oldy, but a goody of Mitt Romney from 2007

.......Rick Perry, now with extra corn-dog!


If Perry and Bachmann become running mates on a GOP ticket, will this be their campaign logo?

Animated GIF of the Day
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