Monday, August 8, 2011

24 Hours Until Wisconsin Recall Elections: All Hands On Deck!

 It's T-24 hours in Wisconsin, and we have less than a day left to save the American Dream.

Tomorrow, six recall elections against Republican state Senators will finally happen in Wisconsin, the biggest result so far of a six-month uprising in the state against conservative policies and an assault on worker’s rights. If Standard and Poor’s wasn’t trying to force cuts to entitlements it would be the biggest story in America, and in a way, it still should be. This recall process, and the protests and activism that came before it, carry the seeds of a new progressive/youth/labor alliance that could be a catalyst to not only next year’s elections, but a re-imagining of the Democratic Party.

If Wisconsin Democrats win just three of six Republican recall elections, not only will they regain control of the state legislature and block Governor Walker's radical agenda, they will send a strong message to Washington that grassroots Democrats are a force to be reckoned with.

But there are reports that picking up those seats aren't a done deal at all.

The most stark word of caution is included in a private memo obtained by POLITICO from the Democratic-leaning We Are Wisconsin group to its donors.

"In our final days, we remain cautiously optimistic about our chances to take back the Senate. But predictions of victory at this point are beyond premature – they’re dangerous," wrote We Are Wisconsin field director Kristen Crowell in an Aug. 3 memo obviously designed to lower expectations.

"While we have solid research suggesting there are races where we might secure a second and third potential pick-up, none of these of these races except 32 should be considered safe pick-ups (and even there we face challenges to get the ball over the goal line), and we are dealing with an unprecedented electorate that is very difficult to forecast," she continues.

After outlining the odds Democrats face in going up against the "unlimited resources" of "corporate interests, she warns the the predictions of three wins in bank are overblown.


I'm asking you to join with Wisconsin teachers, firefighters, students and grassroots organizers to fight for the American Dream.

Voter turnout is key.
Can you take 30 minutes on your lunch break to help get out the vote?

Live in Wisconsin or a neighboring state? 


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