Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Final CA Redistricting Maps Yanks The Rug Out From Janice Hahn, She Tells Constituents They "Won't Exist" In 2012

So, Torrance, Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Marina del Rey, Venice, Mar Vista and WLA - remember all that stuff Janice Hahn said in the campaign about how she was ready serve the people of the 36th District? 

Yeah, not so much.

Just a couple of hours after final redistricting maps were approved, Janice Hahn announced she would run in the new CA-44, a primarily African-American and Latino district currently represented by Democrat Laura Richardson.

Rep. Janice Hahn, D-San Pedro, said Monday she will run for re-election in the 44th District, likely setting up a race against Rep. Laura Richardson, D-Long Beach.

"Because of the new redistricting, the district I currently represent will no longer exist in 2012," Hahn said. "I plan to run for California's new 44th Congressional District because I live in it. I know many of these communities and I understand the issues that affect them."

Under the redistricting plan approved Monday by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, the 44th District stretches north from San Pedro to Lynwood. It also includes Watts, Wilmington, Carson, South Gate, Compton, Willowbrook and Walnut Park and parts of Long Beach.

Richardson announced last month she will also run in the district.

In fairness, Hahn didn't have much of a choice. The new CA-33, which runs from Palos Verdes to the south,  Malibu to the north and Beverly Hills to the west, is already occupied by veteran congressman Henry Waxman. 

While she runs for reelection in another district, Hahn pledges to "continue to be the voice for the residents who elected me just over a month ago".

Don't hold your breath, kids. Hahn is going to have to run yet another aggressive campaign to win in her chosen district. Besides Richardson, Hahn will be running against popular Assemblyman Isadore Hall, who is also African-American. And considering the district is also heavily Latino, there's always the possibility a credible Latino candidate could jump into the race down the road.

The net affect of all this is our area will once again be in limbo. We'll have a warm body occupying the office for a next year, but that's about it.  On the bright side, next year we'll have Waxman to represent us. He has a long and distinguished record in congress and has fought tirelessly for many issues important to progressives.

That's something really positive to look forward to.

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