Saturday, November 3, 2012

Boots On The Ground: A Photo Diary From The First Day Of CA2NV GOTV In Las Vegas, Nevada

CA2NV Day 2-39 

 A thousand of us came from California this weekend, descending on Las Vegas and Reno, putting boots on the ground to get out the vote for Barack Obama.

I'm too tired, sunburned and foot-sore to write much about what happened today except to say I know we're making a difference. Whether it's directing people to the right polling places, convincing reluctant voters to do the right thing or leading by example for all the young kids who watch us as we canvass their apartment complexes, I know we're making a diffence.

You can make a difference too. I don't care if that means you fnd a phone bank, talk to your neighbors, or just bring a friend with you to the polls.

 But just do it. The country you save will be your own.


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