Monday, November 26, 2012

The Butler Didn't Do It


So, what does abandoning constituents after only 14 months on the job, stacking the California Democratic Party's endorsement caucuses with delegates from as far away as Yolo County, months of arm-twisting by the the Speaker of the Assembly, 35,000 Mexican-made plastic baby bottles, and upwards of $2 million to defeat a fellow a Democrat buy you?

Turns out, not much.

With vote counting nearly complete, the new tally appears to spell defeat for Butler, who is finishing her first term in the Assembly and was backed by Assembly Speaker John A. Perez for the newly drawn district.

Parke Skelton, Butler's campaign consultant, said only that "it doesn't look very good, obviously." "The trend is certainly going very strong against Betsy," Skelton said.

Bloom said he is not sure how many votes are left to count. The day began with about 150,000 remaining countywide, but Bloom estimated that only 5,000 to 10,000 of them were from the 50th Assembly District.

Today's updating of the Bloom-Butler race reflected 4,412 ballots counted since Friday.

California does not have a required mandate for automatic recounts. Under CA election law, any registered voter may request a recount. But that privilege comes with a considerable financial burden, namely the full cost of conducting one.

So far no word yet from the Speaker's office or the CDP if they'll be seeking a recount of the AD50 election should Bloom be declared the winner.

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