Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mark Ryavec Quietly Withdraws From CD11 Council Race

Citing lackluster community and fundraising support, Venice resident Mark Ryavec quietly announced on his website yesterday that he would withdraw from CD11 race.

When I decided to enter this race I thought that I would be running against Councilman Bill Rosendahl.  He appeared to be confident that he would recover from the cancer that he was battling and run for a third term.  
In the end, as we have seen, he has continued to improve but also made the prudent decision to focus on his health and not run.  
In very short order, Bill endorsed his deputy Mike Bonin and Bonin immediately announced his candidacy, released the names of a whole passel of campaign co-chairs and endorsements from senior Democratic party elected officials and then reported that he had raised over $50,000 in nine days.  
As a former political consultant myself, I have to say, "Well played, Mike." 
Still, I was inclined to stay in the race if I could secure adequate funds to be competitive.  Working with a talented political consultant who recently piloted a candidate to office in the 15th LA councilmanic seat, we developed an initial budget and worked to meet that budget.  Unfortunately, though I raised about $25,000 in three weeks, it was significantly short of my goal and the amount Bonin has raised.  It appeared to me that it was unlikely that I would be able to catch up.

The deadline to file for the open City Council seat is November 10th.

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  1. Wait, does that mean that he *doesn't* want Bonin to be his chief of staff?