Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heckuva job Arnie!

Over at NBC News, they have a stark comparison of statistics from January 2001 to current stats. Boy, did Bush mess up this country good! Unemployment rates are up, the surplus is gone, replaced by a massive deficit. And oh, yeah, nobody likes President Bush.

I thought to myself, why, I bet we could do this for Schwarzenegger too. So, here are a few tidbits from November 2003, the date Arnold took over, to the most current stats I could find:

Nov. 2003: 6.8%, or 1.196 mil. unemployed Californians
Nov. 2008: 8.4%, or 1.562 mil. unemployed Californians

Nov. 2003, before Schwarzenegger repealed the Vehicle License Fee, $10.7 Billion
Now: $42 Billion

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Approval Rating (Field)
Jan. 2004: 52%
Sep. 2008: 38%

Californians Disapproving of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Field)
Jan 2004: 27%
Sep. 2008: 52%

Heckuva job Arnie!

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