Thursday, January 1, 2009

We Need Your Support For The 53d Assembly District Delegate Race

On January 11th, Democrats from around the state will elect their local representatives to the California Democratic Party. Your representatives will help shape our platform, endorse candidates and be the backbone of Democratic support for the Obama-Biden Administration.

In the 53d Assembly District (El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Lomita, Manhattan Beach, Marina del Rey, Mar Vista, Redondo Beach, and Torrance) myself and my fellow Obama campaign organizers, along with other community organizers are running as your local representatives.

If you're a registered Democrat, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please come out and vote for us!

Jocelyn Center in Manhattan Beach, 1601 Valley Drive, 90266

Sunday, January 11, 2009 - Registration opens at 2:00pm

Donation:$5 to defray meeting costs

Kim Drobny

I woke up in 2004......scared. Our vote seemed
threatened. We faced an Administration that was
recklessly waging war and attacking basic civil
liberties. Yet, they were re-elected. That was

I didn't want to let it happen again and got
involved in grassroots politics. I joined the
DFALA Election Protection Committee and worked on
Debra Bowen's successful campaign for California
Secretary of State. I held fundraisers, spent
time tabling, phonebanking and informing people
of the importance of voting for a secretary of
state committed to safeguarding our vote. Wow,
there is nothing like the feeling of winning your
first campaign! Since then, I have been
involved in Mar Vista Community Council's Santa
Monica Airport committee in its bid to curtail
the increase of private jets.

Then Barack Obama's campaign emerged. I became a
local organizer in Mar Vista, hosting phonebanks
at my home, supporting other phonebanks with the
skills developed in earlier campaigns and
recruiting an ever larger group of volunteers.
We started with 10 at my first phone bank. At
the culmination of the campaign over 200
neighbors made calls in the days leading up to
Election Day! Many of my neighbors got
involved, some for the first time ever. We were
the top callers in the nation. Can you believe
it? We actually helped change the direction of
the country.

Now I am running for Assembly District Delegate
to continue the work. As part of the California
Democratic Party I'll participate in the
Resolutions Committee to help form smart and
progressive national policies. Change has begun
and I am committed to keep it going by promoting
grassroots activism, using the methods I learned
and the contacts I made during the campaign.
The aim is to organize our communities to be part
of Obama's promise of transformation and
accountability. It is up to us. A great and
important movement has started and we must grab
this opportunity now.

I'm ready for the next stage in promoting this
change and empowerment of grassroots politics and
am asking for your support - please vote for Kim
Drobny for CDP Delegate!

Mike Bonin

To those of you voting: Thank you for being a
Democrat. Thank you for helping to elect Barack
Obama, and thank you for the energy and commitment
that makes you an activist. I am running to be a
delegate, and I would be honored to have your support.

I am running because I am determined to fight for
progressive values and to stand up for those whose
voices are too seldom heard.

As a regional field organizer for the Obama
campaign, as campaign manager and chief of staff
to LA Councilman Bill Rosendahl, as a former
staffer to Congresswoman Jane Harman, I am acutely
aware that we are at a turning point in American
politics. We are part of a new and energetic
grassroots movement with the power to make
fundamental change at the local, state and
national level.

But even during this time of inspiration and
promise, there are still too few voices for those
who live in the shadows and on the margins of our
society: the poor, the homeless, the abused, the
mentally ill, and the recent immigrants. I want to
make sure their voices are part of our party's
platform, that their needs are not sacrificed to
make a budget deal in Sacramento, that their
causes are not forgotten as our party takes power
in Washington.

Moreover, as a gay man whose civil rights were
stripped away by Proposition 8, I want to be one
of the voices proclaiming that the Democratic
Party stands for the civil rights and civil
liberties of all of the people, all of the time.

I would be honored to be state party delegate, and
I would be enormously grateful for your support.
Thank you.

Warren Bowman

After our 2008 victory, I have realized that winning an election is
just the beginning of change. Aside from a great win, what we
really got was permission to begin the real work of governing. I am
ready to move us forward in any way that I can.

Marta Evry

As a Regional Field Organizer for the Obama Campaign, I
learned what it meant to be empowered, to be given the
opportunity to affect change on a national level. Now, running
for my second term as a Delegate to the California Democratic
Party, I want to focus my energy on affecting change in both our
state and our own party, so that our communities can effectively
confront and solve the enormous economic, environmental, and
cultural challenges that face us.

With a budget shortfall of over 40 billion dollars, political
gridlock even though Democrats hold a 63% majority in the
state legislature, it would seem our state is ungovernable. But it
doesn't have to be this way. I pledge to use the organizing
techniques I've learned and the connections I've made working
on the California Obama Campaign to organize, educate and
empower my neighbors and my community, so that together, we
will demand accountability of our elected officials, register new
voters, and make civic responsibility and public service sexy


Lee Fink

Fellow Democrats,

As many of you know, I was an attorney at
O'Melveny & Myers, the oldest and largest law
firm in Los Angeles. In June, I quit my job to
work on the Obama campaign as the Colorado Senior
Vote Coordinator.

To all of my friends who have been involved here,
I have missed you while I was away, and you know
my beliefs and philosophies, and I have been
proud to represent you since 2003.

For the many of you became involved in local
Democratic politics only this year, I welcome the
chance to introduce myself to you. Even the Iowa
Caucuses I was an Obama supporter. And while I
believed that he would be our next president, it
was necessary for me to "leave it all on the
road," and so I went to Colorado, where we were
able to deliver the 270th Electoral Vote.

My activism started in 1988, when I attended my
first state convention at the age of 12. I have
since run Democratic clubs at my high school,
college, and law school, walked precincts in
national, state, and local elections, and worked
at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
and as statewide press secretary for John
Garamendi's campaign for Insurance Commissioner.
I grew up in Southern California and moved to the
South Bay after I graduated law school in 2001.
I have been an elected delegate to the state
convention since 2003. I served as VP and then 2
years as President of the Beach Cities Democratic

The next two years are critical for our party.
We must convert our success to build strong grass-
roots organizations that win local elections
too. There are more than 75 local elected
positions in the 53rd AD. We must build a base
of politicians who are more responsive to the
volunteers who elected them than to the big money
interests, who then advance to the legislature
and Congress. In addition, it is city councils
and school boards where decisions about adopting
green building standards or teaching Creationism
in our classroom are made.

I ask for your support.

Mary Jack

Hello, Fellow Democrats: I seek your support for
re-election as a CDP delegate representing the
53rd AD. As an active member of the West LA
Democratic Club, and as a "Camp Obama" graduate
and CD36-North Phone Bank Coordinator for the
Obama campaign, I look forward to staying involved
politically through the CDP. Our state is in
crisis, and we grassroots Democrats must help lead
it forward. We activists must work with our State
party leadership to elect strong, progressive
leaders at all levels all over the state. We must
rally the grassroots support that we harnessed for
the Obama campaign to achieve a two-thirds
majority in Sacramento, in order to break through
the legislative stalemate that is currently
harming all Californians. We must continue to
work together to protect the least among us --
those that are facing the toughest times as a
result of our current state financial crisis. I
look forward to remaining both a community
organizer and a part of the larger CDP as we
tackle these issues.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,
Mary Jack
53rd Assembly District
Venice, CA

James Kennedy

Thank-you for voting me 53rd AD delegate '06-'07
and 36th CD alternate delegate for the DNC
Convention '08. My campaigning and work at the
district, state, and national level have re-
enforced my understanding of the importance of
grassroots participate in our Democratic Party
and our government. We bring light and weight to
decision making.

In the same vein, I strive to keep myself open
and connect to those around me and seek out
opportunities to gain insight from a wide range
of perspectives. I may be reached at or on my mobile at (310)

I look forward to continuing to build on our
accomplishments in many ways; and if I may have
your vote for delegate, making the 53rd AD a big
part of the California Democratic Party at state
conventions will be my honor. I believe our
calling now is state reform on the budget, taxes,
redistricting, and other issues on how we reach
consensus to support what we really value. And
without doubt, counter Prop 8 with all our heart
and soul.

Being Progressive means to me being open to
change and not afraid of where it may lead us. I
look forward to stepping up to these challenges
together with you, the 53rd AD, and other
concerned citizens who are motivated to act with
prudent decisiveness.

Alan Bail

I've been involved in Democratic politics ince Tom
Bradley's first run for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Since then, I've work on lots of campaigns, lead
the San Fernando Valley Y.D.'s, got my B.A. in
Poli Sci at CSUN, my JD at Loyola Law, and now I'm
living and practicing law in Mar Vista. I'm also
on the board of two local non-profits.

I'm currently Political Vice President of the West
LA Democratic Club, and in that capacity organized
and staff our recent voter reg drive, adding over
500 new Dems to the voter rolls, and creating
dozens of new Democratic activists and volunteers
for the Obama campaign. I've also been fighting
the blogging fever (at

I hope to work to expand our majority in
Sacramento, strengthen the grassroots of our party
as we move toward the key elections in 2010. Oh,
and let's have a good time along the way!

I see some fine candidates for these positions
here in 53-by-the-sea; I hope to be able to serve
with many of you. Now let's go kick some
Republican butt!

Edna Murphy

I am a full time volunteer for democratic causes.

Currently, I am treasurer of the Beach Cities
Democratic Club and the Democratic Action Center
of the South Bay and am on the E Board of both of
these organizations. I am also acting treasurer
of the 53rd Assembly District Democratic Congress.

I have volunteered with the Obama and Kerry
campaigns, many times putting in upwards of 40
hours per week.

Other clubs and organizations to which I belong
are the West Los Angeles Democratic Club and the
Palos Verdes Democratic Club.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kelley Willis

I'm running for a second term as a delegate from
the 53rd Assembly District. I've served as
president of the West LA Democratic Club over the
same period, helping lead Democrats in our
successes in 2008. I want our Party to continue to
restore America through more success in the 2010
cycle, in the House and Senate federally, and by
electing a Democratic governor to stand up for
California in the face of the Republican
minority's obstructionism in our Legislature. By
building on our successful outreach to the newest
voters of 2008, we can make them permanent
Democrats, and continue to rebuild our Party and
our nation.


Tony Hale

Director of our local Democratic Headquarters

Executive Board member of the California
Democratic Party

President of the Palos Verdes Peninsula
Democratic Club

Over the past four years I have worked from the
grassroots level of our Democratic community, to
help others have the opportunity to express their
own political voice. I believe when more people
participate in the Democratic Party, our Party
better reflects all of us.

Over the past four years:

I opened the Democratic Headquarters in the South

I have recruited over 700 High school student

I have organized over 50 Democratic events in our

I have organized phone banks and precinct
operations contacting tens of thousands of

I have stood up for strong progressive Democratic
values and have been a bridge between conflicting
factions within our Party.

Now that Barack Obama is our President, we have
greater opportunities to fulfill our political
ideals. We must transform our Party of
opposition into a Party of leadership with a
constructive message for all Americans. The
California Democratic Party needs to be a shining
example of our Democratic values, and we can all
pay a role in making the California Democratic
Party meet that challenge.

I fought to get big money out of politics in
California by supporting Clean Money.

I fought for affordable healthcare for all
California's by supporting a single payer system.

I lobbied for our Party's endorsement of
proposition 2 for the humane treatment of animals
(it won a supper majority).

I have called upon our Party to put the
abolishment of the death penalty into our Party's

I hope to continue serving as your elected
delegate to our state Party.

Clifford Numark

I am Cliff Numark, Councilman for the City of
Torrance. As an elected official and South Bay
native, I would look forward to representing the
53rd Assembly District as a delegate.

Policy Initiatives: As head of the city's
transportation committee, I initiated measures to
allow advertising on city buses and use funds to
improve public transit; instituted low cost bus
passes for seniors to subsidize ridership; called
for the City to use the Internet to better
communicate with residents; honored Veterans by
catalyzing Torrance to herald Veterans Day on
city marquees; funded tree planting at Torrance
Elementary school.

Professional Experience: Since 2003 I have led
the Southern California Red Cross in recruiting
nearly 400,000 people to give blood annually,
after working in business consulting for five
years. I began my career working as reporter,
serving as a college stringer for The New York
Times, and working as a Senate Fellow in the
State Legislature's Energy Committee, where I was
the first staff member to work on the bill
allowing alternative fuel vehicles to access
carpool lanes.

Education: Juris Doctor, UC Berkeley; Master in
Public Affairs, Princeton University; Master of
Science, Energy and the Environment, University
of Sussex; Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude,
Pomona College.

Community Activities: VP of Torrance Symphony and
Torrance Historical Society; Secretary of Madrona
Marsh Foundation; Advisory Board Member of
Sharefest, a community service organization.

Democratic Activities: Endorsed by LA County
Democratic Party, Beach Cities Democratic Club,
Torrance Democratic Club, and LA County Young
Democrats for Torrance City Council; Delegate,
Democratic National Convention 2000; Former VP,
LA County Young Democrats.

Thank you for considering me as a delegate to the
53rd Assembly District.

On election day, please make your mark for Numark!

Best regards,

Cliff Numark
City of Torrance

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