Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are You Ready To Spend $30,000 A Year For Health Insurance?

Those who think "failure is not an option" is just a slogan should really take a look at the Kaiser Foundation numbers. What they show is nothing but a nightmare.

Let's do some very simple arithmetic. Start with a fairly conservative assumption: If we assume that premium increases over the next ten years will average what they did over the last five (about 6.1% per year), the average premium for a family policy in 2019 will be $24,180. That's a big number. On the other hand, if we assume increases revert to the average of the last ten years—an average annual increase of about 8.7% and a very plausible scenario—premiums in 2019 will average a whopping $30,803, a very scary number.

Here's their chart:

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